Robin-John Gibb, affectionately known as RJ, is a multifaceted artist, born in the sun-dappled city of Miami Beach, Florida in 1983. He is the son of the legendary Robin Hugh Gibb CBE, one of the members of the iconic pop music group, the Bee Gees. Despite the towering legacy of his father, RJ has skillfully crafted a unique musical identity of his own.

RJ received a diverse musical education from an early age, attending the prestigious Sdoia Satz Institute in Miami and later studying acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). His instrumental prowess spans from piano, violin, saxophone, to the bass guitar, lead guitar, and trumpet. Over time, his fascination gravitated towards keyboards and guitars, which have become his preferred tools for composing music.

In his adolescence, RJ set up Golden Age Entertainment and entered a fruitful collaboration with producer Rodney Payne at Step Up Records. He contributed his production talents to a variety of artists including Scarface, and worked closely with the renowned Miami Sound Machine. His musical contributions also extend to film and television, composing scores for various projects including the 2008 film 'Blind Eye'.

RJ's distinguished accomplishments include the creation of Titanic Requiem, a classical composition crafted to honor the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster. The moving piece was performed by the illustrious Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London in 2012. He also co-produced the successful cover 'Message to You' by The Soldiers, a version of his father’s acclaimed hit ‘I Gotta Get A Message To You’. The cover achieved Gold status in 2011. His vocal talents were showcased in a special performance of his version of 'I Started A Joke' for Jools Holland's Boisdale Music Awards. RJ, together with his father, also established Redbreast Records and Coronation Studios.

Beyond his musical pursuits, RJ harbors an interest in Quantum Mechanics, contemporary philosophy, and the rapidly evolving fields of deep machine learning and AI. His involvement in film includes both production and acting roles in award-winning projects like Monte Hellman's and Steven Gaydos's "Road To Nowhere", and a short film he co-wrote Anaemia and produced with Andy Hinds.

Robin-John Gibb has successfully distinguished himself in the world of music, showcasing his individual talents while respecting his family's legacy. His journey serves as a beacon, illustrating that it is possible to pay homage to one's heritage while simultaneously crafting a unique and personal creative identity.